Rate Quote Widget

The Product and ProcessA little bit about our company

Why We Built It

Internet leads are excellent. It's keeping up with them that's hard. First, you have to find out where the leads live, then you have to determine if they're motivated. Meanwhile, if you don't respond fast enough, they're gone to the next lender. You need to spend less time chasing leads and more time working them. It's the only way to turn website traffic into business you can close.

We built Rate Quote Widget to convert leads efficiently and effectively. Leveraging proven buyer psychology patterns and advanced lead generation techniques, Rate Quote Widget sorts through your inbound leads to find the most ready, willing and qualified customers. Fast.

Rate Quote Widget saves you time and money, every day. Download Rate Quote Widget for free.

  • Fuel Your Business

    We build it

    Rate Quote Widget captures new leads from your website and helps convert them into sales. 24x7 -- whether you're sleeping or awake.

  • We Build It On Your Site

    We build it

    With Rate Quote Widget, there's no technical knowledge required. Just grab the plugin, install it on your site, and let it go to work.

  • Direct CRM Integration

    You make sales

    The Rate Quote Widget integrates with MailChimp, plus popular CRM systems like Batchbook. When you take a lead, now you can track it through closing.

  • Get Your Stats On-Demand

    We manage it

    Your Rate Quote Widget dashboard pulls back the curtain on your leads, providing detailed statistics to help you convert even more effectively.

Our Process (A.K.A. The Need For Speed)

A famous MIT study proved what effective salespersons have always known -- when you contact a lead quickly, your odds of conversion increase. You've got just 5 minutes to make that first contact in today's Internet Age. You can't be at your email all day, every day to meet response times like that. But we can. Here's how we do it.

  • 1

    Lead submits on website - A visitor to your website uses your Rate Quote request form and submits. A copy is sent to you and the lead immediately.

  • 3

    Lead makes second contact - When the lead replies to your "2 basic questions" email, you know he's not just tire kicking. He really wants a mortgage.

  • 2

    Initial email follow-up - To mimic human response times, the Rate Quote Widget pauses up to 5 minutes, then sends a confirming email with 2 basic questions.

  • 4

    Lead is now re-qualified - At this point, your lead has contacted you twice, and has demonstrated strong follow-through. It's your ideal mortgage lead -- go sell it!