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Terms Of Service

Common Sense Terms Of Service

Our members ask questions about getting the most from Rate Quote Widget while staying within the terms of service. This page is meant to clarify those boundries. Your use of Rate Quote Widget is subject to this framework which is explained more thoroughly in legalese on the official Terms of Service page.

We Understand Your Privacy Concerns.

On the issue of privacy, note that Rate Quote Widget will store your username and password, as well as the email addresses of your leads. We don't have an interest in combing through your account, or your leads -- it's not our business. If you are uncomfortable with Rate Quote Widget having access to this information, we're sorry.

Rate Quote Widget Is A Lead Generation Product. We Do Not Provide Technical Assistance For Blogs.

Rate Quote Widget is in the business of lead generation. We offer setup and startup services for our subscribers, but we do not retain a support staff for technical, blog-related issues. If you are in need of technical assistance for your blog, please contact your blog platform's help desk, or ask a friend.

The Risks of Lead Generation Via API.

The Rate Quote Widget business model leverages publicly-available APIs. Sometimes, APIs and the methods to access APIs change. These changes rarely occur without warning which means we will generally have ample notice to make the appropraite changes to our code. However, if an API changes unexpectedly and it causes our service to break, we'll work to make the fix. Recognize that some APIs are owned by third-parties and changes may force us to alter the way we do business.

Software Can Break.

Like all software, Rate Quote Widget is bound to face technical troubles and/or unexpected errors. We certainly don't want our product to have bugs, but it does happen. If Rate Quote Widget fails in the technical sense, we'll evaluate the cost of the fix versus the perceived benefit to our members. In nearly all cases, we fix the bug. In some cases, however, we may choose to leave the bug as-is as a "known issue". You can't hold us responsible for personal or business matters related to technical errors or other bugs.

You May Not Spam Your Leads With Non-Approved Marketing Materials.

It is a violation of the Rate Quote Widget Terms of Service to add the email addresses of leads to a database for list marketing. In good faith, we expect you to use the double-opt-in method for all marketing lists.

We Track How You Found Us.

Rate Quote Widget advertises online and collects data to determine which venues are profitable and which are not. Part of this evaluation process requires us to store small piece of data in your browser called a cookie. There is nothing harmful in the cookie and you can delete it at any time.

We Will Market To You From Time-to-Time. Responsibly.

We are a marketing company and we know the value of a good database. We also know that sending you spam will kill our goodwill. Therefore, expect to receive specific marketing messages from us on occasion. You can opt-out of these emails, but we think you'll benefit from getting them. For example, the messages we like to send out are the ones with discount codes to industry conferences you're probably attending anyway, or the ones with tips on doing a whole lot more with your blog with minimal effort. We don't spam. We know you'd hate us for it.

Businesses Can Change, Merge, Or Fail. If It Happens To Us, We'll Treat You Fairly.

It's possible that our business model could change materially at some point in the future. Should this happen, we will offer refunds on current memberships on a prorated basis.